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Services with Fire Extinguisher Maintenance Co., Inc.

We know that our customers want convenience and efficiency, as well as friendly and knowledgeable services. In order to better serve you, we offer a variety of fire extinguisher maintenance products and services we work with every day and have become very familiar with. This offers us to better suggest the best products and services necessary for you.
Fire Extinguisher - Fire Extinguisher Maintenance in Staten Island, NY
Fire Extinguisher in Wall - Fire Extinguisher Maintenance in Staten Island, NY
Fire Cabinet - Fire Extinguisher Maintenance in Staten Island, NY

products and services:

  • Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Refilling Plant

  • Customer Owned Soda Carbonic Cylinders Refilled

  • Hydrostatic Testing - USDOT Certified #A009 Assigned

  • New Standpipe Fire Hose, Racks, Couplings & Nozzles

  • Emergency Lighting & Back Lighting Exit Signs
  • Pressure Sensitive Vinyl Exit & No Smoking Signs

  • Stand-Alone Smoke And Carbon Monoxide Detectors

  • Emergency Fire Escape Ladders For Home

  • Beverage Cylinders Refilled

  • A complete line of U/L Approved Fire Extinguishers


  • Complete Line of New Approved Extinguishers

  • Fire Hose
  • Hydrostatic Retesting

  • Fire Extinguisher Recharging