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BuildingReports with Fire Extinguisher Maintenance Co., Inc.

Fire Extinguisher Maintenance Co, Inc. works with BuildingReports in order to give business owners peace of mind in knowing their facilities are receiving thorough and professional inspections.
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Business Reports

Working with BuildingReports offers you many helpful option to create a safe work environment. Using BuildingReports offers each device in your building it's own unique bar code, in which we scan while inspecting to ensure and provide detailed and quality service on all pieces of equipment. These reports are time stamped and sent to the business owner's profile on after the inspection is finished, this ensures your business is getting all the information needed to repair or replace equipment.
NOTE: A complete report is offered ONLY upon request. You may however log onto the website, sign in with your ID and Password provided before the inspection to find your complete report in detail.
Hand Presses the Trigger of Fire Extinguisher - Fire Extinguisher Maintenance in Staten Island, NY
Water Hoses and Fire Extinguish Equipment - Fire Extinguisher Maintenance in Staten Island, NY
Fire Extinguish Equipments - Fire Extinguisher Maintenance in Staten Island, NY

Did you know all primary fire codes also now allow for electronic reporting?

  • NFPA 10 – Standard for Portable Fire Extinguishers
  • NFPA 12A – Standard for Halon Systems
  • NFPA 25 – Standard for the Inspection, Testing, and Maintenance of Water-Based Fire Protection Systems
  • NFPA 72 – National Fire Alarm and Signaling Code
  • NFPA 80 – Standard for Fire Doors
  • NFPA 731 – Standard for Security Systems
  • NFPA 2001 – Standard for Clean Agent Systems

Average percent of things overlooked while having your building inspected:

  • 2% Unknown location of devices
  • 56% of expired or decommissioned devices
  • 5% Missing Parts of Devices
  • 4.5% Missing Signage
  • 32% Other (personal devices, other devices not already labeled, etc)

Average hour(s) taken to perform an inspection per facility:

  • Healthcare: 4.2 hours
  • Detention: 2.4 hours
  • Assembly: 2.38 hours
  • Educational:2.15 hours
  • Residential: 1.9 hours
  • Business: 1.6 hours
  • Industrial: 1.53 hours
  • Mercantile: 1.1 hours
  • Storage: 1 hour
With Building Report we find the challenges, create a solution, and you see results!